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Migration, Integration and Demography

Research examines the major forces that shape the population, including fertility, mortality and migration. A key research theme is the integration of migrants and their children. Work in this area incorporates research conducted by EMN Ireland, the national contact point for the European Migration Network. Their research provides objective, up-to-date and comparable statistics on migration and asylum.

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Attitudes towards immigration and refugees remain largely positive in Ireland despite some recent declines

In November 2023, Ireland had some of the most positive attitudes towards immigration of all EU27 countries – ranked fourth most supportive among EU27 countries and the UK.

However, recent years have also seen declines in some indicators, including positivity towards both EU and non-EU immigration and perceptions of immigrants' contribution to Ireland.

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Recognised refugees are struggling to leave government accommodation due to both mainstream and specific barriers

Mainstream barriers include shortages in the supply of social and affordable housing and inadequacies in mainstream support services.

Additional barriers faced by this group include the ad hoc nature of the dispersal system, language barriers and a lack of information, and discrimination.

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Integration and equality research programme

Download research which aims to create, improve and enhance knowledge on migrant integration and equality, with funding by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration.

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European Migration Network, Ireland

Download research on topics including: international protection, family migration, unaccompanied minors, labour migration and irregular migration.

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Integration and attitudes towards immigrants

A number of publications examine how immigrants are perceived by people in the host country.