Petros Varthalitis

Research Officer

Dr Petros Varthalitis is a Research Officer in Macroeconomics at the Economic and Social Research Institute. Prior to joining the ESRI, he held posts at the University of Glasgow, Athens University of Economic and Business and the Scottish Fiscal Commission. Also, he was a visiting scholar at the Central Bank of Greece. His main research areas are theoretical and applied macroeconomics. His research interests include fiscal and monetary policy in DSGE models (open and closed economy), fiscal and currency unions, public and tax reforms, debt consolidation strategies and macroeconomic and fiscal forecasting. He has taught various courses in theoretical and applied Macroeconomics and Public Finance at the University of Glasgow and Athens University of Economics and Business. His academic research has been published in peer-reviewed international academic journals such as Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, International Journal of Central Banking, CESifo Economic Studies and Economic Modelling and in books such as MIT press volume. His applied research on fiscal and monetary policy has contributed to policy-making institutes like the Scottish Fiscal Commission and the Central Bank of Greece. Download CV