Aykut Mert Yakut

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Aykut Mert Yakut has joined the ESRI`s Energy team on October 2017. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Prior to join the ESRI, he worked at the same department as both a Postdoctoral Researcher and as a Research and Teaching Assistant. Dr. Yakut`s PhD dissertation examines the effects of redistributive policies –with a special emphasis on social welfare programs- on the labor market outcomes of the recipients and income inequality. To this end, he has constructed an intertemporal computable general equilibrium model with heterogeneous households and heterogeneous firms. During his PhD studies, he also worked in several research and policy-oriented projects of various ministries and public institutions. Computable general equilibrium modelling, income distribution, labor market and microeconometrics comprise his primary fields of academic interest. At the ESRI Energy team, he will focus on construction of an environmental computable general equilibrium model to support evidence-based policy making process of several institutions.

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