Martina Lawless

Martina Lawless

Economic Analysis | Associate Research Professor
Martina Lawless joined the ESRI as an Associate Research Professor in January 2015. She previously worked as a research economist in the Central Bank of Ireland. She has a doctorate from Trinity College Dublin on the determinants of firm exporting patterns.

Her research has focused primarily on firm-level dynamics, covering a range of topics such job turnover, exporting, wage setting and foreign direct investment. Her current projects at the ESRI relate to taxation, firm credit access, export diversification and innovation. In addition to the use of micro data sources, she has worked on the development of a number of surveys at firm and household level. These include a large scale survey of Irish household finance currently being carried out in conjunction with the CSO.

Her work has been published in journals such as the Journal of International Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Small Business Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics and Economica.

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Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632116

Latest Publications:
  • Productivity spillovers from multinational activity to local firms in Ireland
  • Exploring SME investment patterns in Ireland: New survey evidence
  • Export participation and performance of firms on the island of Ireland
  • Firm strategies in expanding and diversifying exports
  • Irish-UK services trade and Brexit
  • Intermediate goods inputs and the UK content of Irish good exports
  • Scenarios and distributional implications of a household wealth tax in Ireland
  • Brexit and Irish consumers
  • Estimating an SME investment gap and the contribution of financing frictions
  • Productivity spillovers from multinational activity to indigenous firms in Ireland

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • Joint Research Programme on the Macroeconomy, Taxation and Banking
  • Framework Contract for the Provision of Evaluation Services to the European Commission in the Field of Trade
  • Research Programme on Enterprises and Cross-Border Trade
  • Study on Investment Needs and Obstacles Along Industrial Value Chains
  • Research Programme on Enterprise Exporting, Innovation and Productivity
  • SME Financing in Economic Recovery
  • SMEs, Credit Constraints and Growth - A Cross-Border Study

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