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Research addresses policy issues critical to achieving greater equality of educational outcomes and improving the experience of students, teachers, principals and other stakeholders across the education system. The student voice is placed at the centre of the research, providing important insights into student experiences across the school system, their reflections on choices made and their post-school pathways.

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‘Embracing Diversity in all its Forms’: The Voluntary Secondary Sector in Irish Education

New research, conducted by the ESRI for the Joint Managerial Body for Voluntary Secondary Schools, explored topics such as religion in schools, single-sex versus co-educational schools, the Irish language and gender differences in subject choice. Results also show a growing trend of students missing school post-COVID-19 – posing far-reaching consequences for academic engagement, school completion and future prospects.

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Student mobility in Ireland and Northern Ireland

New research, conducted by the ESRI in partnership with the Shared Island unit in the Department of the Taoiseach found that in Ireland, more students go study in the rest of UK than in Northern Ireland. There is also a relatively large outflow of students from Northern Ireland to the rest of the UK reflecting at least in part high levels of competition for places, with very little mobility in the opposite direction.

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Inequality and inclusion

Research examines the factors influencing disengagement from school, early leaving and exam performance, highlighting the way in which school experiences can shape inequalities in outcomes. 

Digital technologies and student learning
Digital technologies and student learning

This research examines the role and impact of digital technologies in student academic development and wellbeing. It also includes research on the impact of digital technologies in initial teacher education.

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COVID-19 impact on education

This research examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions on the educational experiences and broader wellbeing of children and young people.