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Research addresses policy issues critical to achieving greater equality of educational outcomes and improving the experience of students, teachers, principals and other stakeholders across the education system. The student voice is placed at the centre of the research, providing important insights into student experiences across the school system, their reflections on choices made and their post-school pathways.

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The early impact of the revised Leaving Cert grading scheme

This study shows an increase in the number of students taking higher level subjects for the Leaving Certificate. However, the increase was less pronounced in DEIS schools and smaller schools.

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Later is better: Mobile phone ownership and child academic development

Research uses data from 8,500 children in the Growing Up in Ireland study to examine the academic performance of children who owned a mobile phone at an earlier age. It finds that children who owned a mobile phone at age 9 scored four per cent less on average in standardised reading and maths tests at age 13.

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Educational inequality

Research examines the factors influencing disengagement from school, early leaving and exam performance, highlighting the way in which school experiences can shape inequalities in outcomes. 

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Special educational needs

Download research examining education for children who have special educational needs. 

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Post-school pathways and higher education in Ireland

Research examines how young people fare after they leave second-level education. Research on higher education in Ireland includes the topics of student retention and student immobility.