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Labour Markets and Skills

Research focuses on a wide range of policy areas examining how workers are faring in the labour market and what skills workers need to meet the needs of an evolving economy. Research topics include pay, unemployment, training and skills.

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Labour market transitions of minimum wage workers

Minimum wage employment often acts as a stepping stone to higher pay, with minimum wage workers more likely to transition to higher pay than remain on the minimum wage.

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Measuring contingent employment in Ireland

Non-permanent employment has fallen back to pre-recession levels and lies below the EU average.

Minimum Wage
Minimum wage in Ireland

A number of reports examine who earns the minimum wage in Ireland and how long people remain on the minimum wage for. 

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Overeducation and skills mismatch

Download research examining the incidence of overeducation in Ireland and how it compares to other EU countries. 

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Labour market programmes

Research examines programmes including the Post-Leaving Certificate programme and the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme.