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Macroeconomic research aims to improve understanding of economic growth, the property market and the relationship between the macroeconomy and the financial sector. A major feature of macroeconomic research at the ESRI is the development and maintenance of a suite of economic models, including COSMO (COreStructuralMOdel).

Shared Island research highlights potential for growing services trade

This report examines the extent of cross-border trade in services on the island of Ireland and the characteristics of the firms participating in this trade. The main services traded include transportation and storage, business services and computer consultancy. The report aims to fill an information gap on the extent and structure of services trade where data is much more limited compared to the detailed information available on goods trade.

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Growth remains strong despite ongoing pandemic uncertainty and greater than expected rates of inflation

Despite continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect overall strong growth this year, with Irish GDP set to increase by 13.6 per cent. The double-digit growth rate is largely due to multinational related activities, in particular strong export figures. However, the domestic economy as measured by modified domestic demand (MDD), is expected to grow by 6.2 per cent in the present year. Into 2022, we expect a continued strong performance of the economy, with both MDD and GDP set to increase by 7 per cent.

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Economic forecasts

The ESRI has produced a number of economic forecasts, including the Quarterly Economic Commentaries, Ireland's Economic Outlook and the Medium-Term Reviews.

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Download research examining the potential impact of Brexit across areas including trade, economic growth and consumer prices. 

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Housing market

This section includes ESRI work on the Irish housing market, including the RTB rent reports and research on house prices and affordability.