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Macroeconomic research aims to improve understanding of economic growth, the property market and the relationship between the macroeconomy and the financial sector. A major feature of macroeconomic research at the ESRI is the development and maintenance of a suite of economic models, including COSMO (COreStructuralMOdel).

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Quarterly Economic Commentary

Strong GDP growth and declining unemployment rates are set to continue into 2019, according to the ESRI’s latest forecast.

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Brexit and Irish consumers

A hard Brexit would increase the cost of living for all households in Ireland by 2 per cent to 3.1 per cent – an annual increase of €892 to €1,360 per household.

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Economic Forecasts

The ESRI has produced a number of economic forecasts, including the Quarterly Economic Commentaries, Ireland's Economic Outlook and the Medium-Term Reviews.

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Consumer Sentiment Index

The ESRI and KBC Bank publish a monthly index examining how consumers feel about their current financial circumstances and their perception of the current buying enviornment for large household purchases.

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Download research examining the potential impact of Brexit across areas including trade, economic growth and consumer prices.