Adele Bergin

Adele Bergin

Economic Analysis | Senior Research Officer
Dr. Adele Bergin is a Senior Research Officer at the ESRI. Her research interests are in labour economics and macroeconomics. In labour economics, she has a particular interest in labour market transitions, mismatch in the labour market and migration.

In macroeconomics, she is currently working on developing a new macro-econometric structural model, COSMO (COre Structural MOdel of the Irish economy), that will be used for forecasting and policy analysis. She also maintains the HERMES structural macroeconomic model of the Irish economy. She is also responsible for a demographic model which has been used in preparing population and labour force projections and has also been used in studies to examine the long-term implications of population ageing on the public finances.

She completed a B.A. in Economics in Trinity College Dublin and a M.Sc. in Economics and Econometrics in the University of Bristol. In 2011 she completed a Ph.D at NUI Maynooth on job mobility and measurement error.
Contact Details:

Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632115

Latest Publications:
  • Overeducation in Europe: trends, convergence, and drivers
  • Measuring contingent employment in Ireland
  • Profiling barriers to social inclusion in Ireland: the relative roles of individual characteristics and location
  • Evaluation of PLC programme provision
  • The labour market in Ireland, 2000−2016
  • Projections of demand for healthcare in Ireland, 2015-2030: First report from the Hippocrates Model
  • Using monitoring data to assess community development: Evidence from Ireland
  • Modelling the medium- to long-term potential macroeconomic impact of brexit on Ireland
  • Is there a role for higher education institutions in improving the quality of first employment?
  • What are the drivers of overeducation?

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • Research Programme on Community Development and Social Inclusion
  • Programme on Issues impacting on Minimum Wage and Low Pay in Ireland
  • Research Programme in Healthcare Reform
  • STYLE: Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe
  • Modelling the Irish Economy

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