A near empty corridor in a hospital

Health and Quality of Life

Research in this area focuses on policy issues critical to improving population health outcomes and promoting quality of life for people in Ireland. Key issues include appropriate financing models to deliver high-quality health care and identifying the causes of persistent inequalities in healthcare outcomes across socioeconomic groups.

A group of teenagers stand chatting to each other
New ESRI research, based on Growing up in Ireland, examines the role of schools in shaping clusters of health behaviours among adolescents

New ESRI research funded by HSE Health and Wellbeing examines how 4 key risk factors for disease (smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, diet) cluster together among young adults.

A near empty corridor in a hospital
Hippocrates Model

The Hippocrates Model was developed at the ESRI in a programme of research funded by the Department of Health. The Model provides base year estimates and projections of healthcare demand, capacity and expenditure for selected Irish health and social care services.

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Healthcare change and reform

Research discusses the needs of the Irish healthcare system. 

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Work-related illness and injury

Research has examined the incidence of work-related injuries and illnesses, including stress, across a number of sectors in Ireland.

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Sport in Ireland

Download a number of publications related to sport, including participation levels, health benefits and player welfare.