Health and Quality of Life

Research in this area focuses on policy issues critical to improving population health outcomes and promoting quality of life for people in Ireland. Key issues include appropriate financing models to deliver high-quality health care and identifying the causes of persistent inequalities in healthcare outcomes across socioeconomic groups.

ESRI launches new research on participation in rugby across Ireland
More children and adults are playing rugby – the challenge is to keep them playing

New research funded by the IRFU highlights the need to address a pattern of children dropping out of playing the sport as they get older. The study also highlighted opportunities to get more women and people from lower socio-economic groups involved in rugby.

Minister Pat Breen, Sharon McGuinness, CEO of the Health and Safety Authority, ESRI Director Alan Barrett and ESRI researchers at the launch of new research on the ageing workforce on 1 October 2019
Working at age 55 and over is on the rise in Ireland

 Research carried out on behalf of the Health and Safety Authority examines who is most likely to stay in the workforce for longer and who is most likely to leave early.

Doctor wearing a stethoscope
Healthcare change and reform

Research discusses the needs of the Irish healthcare system. 

Workers on a construction site
Work-related illness and injury

Research has examined the incidence of work-related injuries and illnesses, including stress, across a number of sectors in Ireland.

Man playing golf
Sport in Ireland

Download a number of publications related to sport, including participation levels, health benefits and player welfare.