Wind turbines and solar panels

Energy, Environment and Infrastructure

Research in this area combines expertise in economics, engineering and behavioural psychology to examine policy challenges related to climate change, energy security and sustainable use of environmental resources.

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The economic and environmental impacts of increasing the Irish carbon tax

Research examines the impact of an increase in the current carbon tax, finding that both households and producers would face relatively small increases in costs. 

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Seminar: The ENGINE model

Desta Fitiwi presented the new Electricity Network and Generation INvEstment (ENGINE) model at a joint ESRI and ESIPP seminar. The model can be used to determine lowest-cost developments of power systems in Ireland and beyond.


A series of publications examines how recreational angling benefits local economies in Ireland, in addition to the resources valued by anglers at fishing sites. 

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Household energy efficiency

Download research examining household energy use, including take-ups of retrofitting measures and the impact of smart meters. 

Wind turbines
Renewable energy

Research examines several aspects of renewable energy use and adoption in Ireland.